What is a flyer?


A real flyer could be an athlete who’s just gone and smashed another record. Another flyer could be a skilled pilot able to manage high altitudes. Back on ground level, a good flyer could be a fit and hardworking courier by bike service, could even be a one-man business. Speaking of which, this is the type of service that delivers your flyer printing in Ottawa at super-quick rates. Pleasing news for most because as you know, time is money.

And boy, is time flying these days. And again, the flyer is probably one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for most small businesses these days. These are the kind of small businesses that may need an ongoing visible presence wide of the internet. It’s not just cheaper by the dozen, its cheaper by the thousands. Of course, flyer printing would have to be spot on as well, because as you all probably know by now, printing in general remains a costly enterprise.

And this does not have much to do with the actual labor being provided, in spite of the fact that in-house printing technicians are generally highly skilled and able to take full advantage of some of the new printing technologies now available. No, the challenge lies in endeavoring to bring the cost of printing materials down. Every effort must now be made to find new and sustainable ways to complete printing jobs on time.

Back to the flyer. And on to yet another challenge for commercial customers.

flyer printing in Ottawa

This is the challenge that many a commercial customer may have to put up with before long. Reputations could be at stake. Printing costs did come down. The flyer marketing strategy work. But what happened to the flyers once folks were finished ‘looking’ at them?